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Oggetto: We'll add your site to the Google index!


and once again we have something new for you:

Every website on SitoWebFaidate.it has a so-called „sitemap“ that is generated automatically.
A sitemap is a file that lists all subpages of your website. Search engines such as Google use these sitemaps to easily find out which subpages your websites has.

Best of all:
If you add new content to your website, we automatically notify Google that there’s something new on your site. The Googlebot then takes a look at your site and adds your subpages to the Google index.

You can find your sitemap under: http://[your domain]/sitemap.xml
So for example: http://blochmann-it.it.gg/sitemap.xml

We hope you like our new feature!

You can find further information on search engine optimization here: http://www.sitowebfaidate.it/howto/Ottimizzazione-dei-motori-di-ricerca-28/Come-posso-migliorare-la-posizione-del-mio-sito-su-Google-157/

Many greetings!
Your SitoWebFaidate.it team

P.S. If you are using the extra „Hidden pages“, which can only be seen as a logged-in user, the subpages will of course not be listed in the sitemap.
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