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Oggetto: Move to Nuremberg - done!


As recently announced this Posting, yesterday we moved to our new office in Nuremberg!Very Happy

Our former office was in Erlangen, which is just a few kilometres away from Nuremberg. Now finally the offices of my iPhone app company ("Benjamin Lochmann New Media GmbH") and the it.gg ("webme GmbH") are together in one office. Now we can use the synergies between the two firms even better.

At the moment everything is a bit chaotic, but most important is that our workplaces have been set up again and that our computers are back online Wink

Here, as promised, you can find photos of our new office:

The new address is:
webme GmbH
Virchowstraße 20B
90409 Nuremberg (Germany)

The addresses in the site notice etc. will change as soon as the new office headquater has been registered in the company register (this usually takes a few weeks). Mail which is sent to the old firm address will be forwarded to the new office in Nuremberg and will of course still be opened.
The telefon support is still available under the same telephone number.

Many greetings from Nuremberg,
(Benjamin Lochmann)
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